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Month: August 2017

Why Vikings?!?

Why Vikings?!?

“Why ‘Raising Vikings?’ Didn’t the Vikings raid, murder and pillage?”

So the conversation often begins.

Okay, well…yes, that’s a bit true. I can’t deny that the Vikings were fairly well known for their less-than-gentlemanly  behavior as they dominated much of Europe in the two centuries leading up to AD 1000.

One could argue that they were only doing what everyone else was trying to do to each other, but they were just much, much better at it. But that is beside the point.

Besides our strong Scandinavian heritage, the true inspiration behind our name is that by all accounts the Vikings were also phenomenal adventurers and traders. They used their secret weapon, the longship, not only as a vehicle from which to launch amphibious invasions, but also as a means to explore the far reaches of the known world…and beyond.

The Norse during the Viking Age traveled far and wide, encountering and engaging diverse cultures from the indigenous tribes in North America to the Byzantine Empire in the Med. They interacted and traded with people far different from themselves (when they weren’t killing them), during an era when staying close to home and doing what had always been done was the norm.

We want our kids to be raised in a culture of adventure. We want them to break free of what is deemed “normal” for teenagers in the West, and experience a way of life that is filled with excitement, wonder, and  learning. We want them to experience people far different than themselves, eat new foods, speak foreign tongues, and immerse themselves in a way of life that has no idea who the Joneses are, nor any concept of needing to keep up with them.

We want our kids to learn to love all people, and to learn to serve others without thought of what they will get in return. We will use our small sailboat-home to accomplish these ends during this short season of life before they are adults and off a-Viking on their own.

We are raising adventurers. Raising explorers. Raising learners. Raising Vikings.