Cruising Through Mordor

Cruising Through Mordor

Riddle me this, Batman… What do nuclear power plants, Hessians, Ferris wheels, and water towers have in common?

If you guessed New Jersey, you’re right! You also happen to be freakishly good at this game. Scary good.

Let me ‘splain, Lucy…

Having bid farewell to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay, we crossed through the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal and popped out on the Delaware River. Had we been over 200 years earlier, and quite a bit upstream, we may have seen our old pal General Washington crossing said river to kick the snot out of a bunch of Hessian mercenaries hanging out in Trenton. But we weren’t upstream, and we live in 2017, so the only thing we saw was a giant nuclear power plant looming over the horizon like Mount Doom rising from the plains of Mordor. It’s a bit handy for navigation–and for power, I suppose–but otherwise it was a dreary beginning to a dreary day of slogging downstream against the wind and tides.After stopping for the night in Lewes, Delaware, we rounded Cape May and headed up the coast of New Jersey. Having never seen the Jersey shore, nor the reality show by the same name, I didn’t know quite what to expect. 

I now know that the Atlantic coast of New Jersey has two distinguishing features: Ferris wheels and water towers. And not much else. Now, I can understand the water towers, but what’s with the Ferris wheels?!? There are just so many!As we spent the day sailing north, the kids found time to do a little boat school when not sprawled out on deck like a pack of drunken sailors. With one hand on the wheel, the other clutching the iPad, and legs spread to handle the boat’s pitching and rolling, I read to the boys and taught them their daily history lesson. Call me crazy, but I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to teach my own children. And to do it while sailing the world? Bonus!We saw Atlantic City from miles away, its high-rise buildings and Ferris wheel being hard to miss. While this east coast Las Vegas was not on my “must see” list (don’t be offended, Atlantic City, I’m not fond of Vegas, either), it turned out that it wasn’t so bad. Now, we didn’t actually go into Atlantic City, but we squeezed past a dredging barge into a peaceful little lagoon to anchor for the night. So, ironically, my Atlantic City memories are ones of tranquil slumber, dreaming of Hessians riding Ferris wheels. 


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