Night Watch

Night Watch

3 November 2017. Delaware Bay.

4:30am departure. Tired. Very tired.

Cool, but not cold. Okay, cold, but not too cold. My hot coffee helps.It’s quiet. The sky is eerily light over the dark water. An occasional wispy cloud veils the full moon on my port beam.What is this strange and magical world I find myself in? That I have chosen for myself? For my family? Do people know this is out here? Would they choose it if they did?

Maybe we’re just the right kind of crazy for this…believing that the wonder and adventure of it all somehow outweighs all of the hard work, frustration, and inconvenience.

Today…this morning…the wonder wins out. Maybe tomorrow the–

Hold on! Is that cargo ship moving?!? I’ve been watching its lights for a while now, but I thought it was anchored. I think it’s moving…and bearing down on me! Wait–no….false alarm. It’s anchored.

Where was I? Wonder…? Magical morning…? Nope, it’s gone. My musings drowned in a flood of adrenaline.

Shoot! The engine just died. Gurk. Now what?

This engine and I have been having some personal issues lately, but I thought we resolved them yesterday. I guess I won’t sew on my mechanic’s merit badge yet.

Wish I knew more about diesel engines. Or any engines, for that matter. Wish I took auto shop in high school. Wish my high school had auto shop.

Happy thoughts not working…engine still won’t start. Mentally swearing at it doesn’t seem to be working either.

Okay…it’s running again. Well done me. I apparently nursed the engine back to life with happy thoughts and inaudible expletives. Who knew I had such a rare and useful talent?

Wow! The moon is orange as it dips below the horizon. Beautiful! Stunning! Is that a “moonset?” Could I be the first person to come up with that term? Surely not. I should google that later. Just in case.Alarm going off…just my phone telling me it’s time for me to stretch a bit. I try to move around every half hour or so to keep the blood moving…don’t want to topple over like grooms at weddings who lock their knees.

Why are they called “grooms” anyway? Were women back in the day marrying a lot of men who took care of horses? I should google that later, too.

Sun is up now. Coffee finally kicking in. Rational mind taking over once again. At least until my next night watch…

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