7 November 2017, somewhere in the Chesapeake.

During yesterday’s history lesson we were discussing how early tribes were hunters and gatherers before the development of agriculture which eventually led to the rise of towns and cities.

I know! The kind of conversation every teenager dreams of, right?!?

Anyway, while describing what it means to be nomadic, it dawned on us… “We are nomadic!”

Now, we may not be following the migration of the nearest herd of caribou, but we do travel from place to place without a zip code to call our own. We’re nomads.

What a strange feeling. Not bad, not good…just odd.

Everywhere we go we are both visitors and residents at the same time. For example, we literally lived in Manhattan’s Upper West Side (albeit briefly), in October. And we just left our waterfront home in Annapolis a couple days ago. Although technically I suppose it was our waterfront home that just left Annapolis, but you get the point.

So, as our little floating home sails through the Chesapeake on this chilly November morning following other tribes on their southbound migrations, I find myself fantasizing about what it will be like to take up residence in the Bahamas for a while.

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